Grits, Eggs and Tomatoes

When I was a kid, my dad made this for us on the weekends. He's from the farming land in South Carolina. Country food. I have often wondered how they came up with this, but it's the most comfortable food I can think of!

IMG_9506 2


  • Bacon (optional - sub olive oil for bacon grease)
  • Eggs
  • Grits
  • Canned tomatoes or frozen tomatoes if you have put them up from your garden. The tomatoes shine here, so the best ones you can find are the best ones to use, but they need some juice.
  • Salt and pepper

If using, fry bacon, reserving the bacon grease. Cook quick grits according to package instructions for 1 or 2 servings. Fry eggs in bacon grease or olive oil keeping the yolk runny. Remove the eggs from the frying pan and empty the leftover oil reserving about a tablespoon or so in the pan. Add tomatoes and fry until warm and tomatoes have popped and there's lots of liquid, add water if they tomatoes are dry.

Make a bowl with grits, tomatoes and top with egg and bacon. Mix on the plate and liberally add salt and pepper to taste.