PCM Industrial

December 17, 2019

Another site I have done with Rachel and Karl at UB Advertising. I adore working with them. Karl is excellent in vision and Rachel outstanding at keeping the projects moving forward. Could not ask for better partners. This sites challenge was the overlays of the backgrounds and logos. It turned out great.

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December 30, 2018

Working as part of a team with Rachel and Karl at UB Advertising, we created this site using WordPress, Beaver Builder and PODS. We used Builder templates for each of the training courses and for each of the Standards. The design was unique is its use of cropped circles and it was challenging at small…

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Huda Al-Marashi

September 16, 2018

What a lucky web developer! I got to help Huda with her redesign for her newly launched memoir. We worked with her book jacket designer Missy to create a similar look to support her new book. This was my first time to do a site for a new book launch and I found the requirements…

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Dream Life Team

June 7, 2018

Working with Rebecca could not have been more interesting. She has an eye for detail and a mind for content. Wow. I learned so much about giving information to potential clients in building this site. She found me through when I applied to her linkedin.com request for a professional. We hit it off immediately.  She is…

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Tacitus Corporation

May 3, 2018

Super fun site with Holly Cornwell. We used motion for the headers and for the airy feeling it gave this interesting topic. I think the design here is pretty amazing. It really speaks about the content. I love working with Holly and think we knocked this one out of the park.

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Aventura Ocean Club

April 30, 2018

Helped Jeff and Simone with their new endeavor. It’s lovely, just like their club!

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Roosters Organic

April 13, 2018

Built the site with UBAdvertising. Great layout and interesting widgets. Had to use some math with the compost calculator. Happy to help those with their rooster poo. Lots of jokes about that.

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Alpaca Fiber Studio

February 19, 2018

A quick rebuild because the former theme was unstable. I love the work from this boutique art shop in the lovely Chagrin Falls Ohio. The previous work was buggy and crashing, so we rebuilt it to actually sell tickets to the different art classes they have. Next on the list is the shopping! Go visit! Take…

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Canadian Stamp Finder

October 4, 2017

This site is the business of Canadian Stamp Finder Maxime Herold. It was made with custom post types for Stamps Offered and Events. Designed by Holly Cornwell and managed by Tracy Carey at http://elevennevele.com/

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Catholic Charities Dallas

October 4, 2017

Launched this site at the end of the summer and it was awesome. It strives and succeeds in solving the issue of having two distinct audiences. On one hand, Catholic Charities does a ton for the community, helping people with immigration, pregnancy and adoption and financial stability and need to have information for those it…

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Point Publication

June 13, 2017

Another site with super-designer Holly Cornwell. This easy and informative one pager was built SUPER FAST with Beaver Builder. Amazing how fast it went. I am very happy with it and they are, too! Go to PointPublication.com

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March 20, 2017

For this new site we used WooCommerce to create a catalog site. Because of the products, instead of using built in Woo functionality, we used tables to insert the sizes of the products. Done with Holly Cornwell for design and Tracy Carey for project management, this one came together quickly. Those girls really get it…

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Senior Comfort Guide

January 4, 2017

Worked with Lisa Griffis and Yana Sharp on this one, and it was very complex. Also learned to use WP Geodirectory, a really nice plugin for these paid directory  listings. It’s pretty much completely custom – both in theme and scope of configuration of the directory. Inspiring, too, because it was so complex in setup, but beautiful…

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September 7, 2016

The site I built for VMCAD is finally up and in the wild! I thought the design was pretty spectacular. I used Beaver Builder for the back end with PODS. Not sure I would go that route again, love PODS, but Beaver isn’t as flexible as I would like. Still, it’s a great product for…

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Canadian Stamps

July 28, 2016

Another site working with designer extraordinaire, Holly Cornwell. And my first time to work with project manager, Tracey Carey. A very enjoyable experience! This one involved a custom slider via custom post type, and commerce integration with Ninja Forms.

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