Mobile Web

I have been interested in mobile computing since I got my first iPhone. I have studied Objective C, created an app, and coded mobile web pages. I think that mobile web isn’t as sophisticated as a mobile app, but it really depends on the content. Look at ‘Plants v Zombies’ certainly an app that wouldn’t dream of being a mobile web site. But some websites could work just as easily mobile as in an app. Like American Airlines. If you have the app, you know you have to sign in first to use it. If you are just picking someone up from the airport, couldn’t you just use the website?

I only know what I do with my phone, and I do use apps! While shopping, I check prices on When I am waiting, I read, blogs, books, Facebook and Twitter. I even play games. Most of what I do when I have time, is use apps. But when I am looking for local businesses, I want a phone number fast. I want an address fast. I want that address to go directly to google maps.

There are loads of people who use their phones and tablets as computers, without using a desktop at all. I don’t believe that any site should be abridged. But I do find that I what I want is a good user experience on a smaller screen. I don’t care if it’s the same site design that I saw on my desktop. I do want all the information.

I tend to use my phone and tablet for me time and my computer for work time. What do you do with your phone? What about your tablet?

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